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Types of Mobile Application Software
The widely available mobile software is divided into the main three categories.
Native Applications
Hybrid Applications
Web Applications
1. Native Software Applications
The native application has broad access to visual and structural elements that is available in storage space. The application is used to save the marketing advantages and limitations such as data interpretations and ranking but its restricted for its own demands. The development cost is higher than other applications since it is widely deployed on multiple platforms. The monetization and trending are increased by thirty percent according to the recent survey for native applications. The device with a native application can be accessed to many API. The native applications are generally built with a familiar Operating system and user-friendly interface but the portability of the code cannot be deployed in other applications. The maintenance of this application is higher similar to the installation cost. This native application is mostly employed for the stable process which needs high optimization.
2. Hybrid Software Applications
They are similar to native applications and used in multiple environments but it requires only a minimum cost set up. It requires advanced skills for its development. The application content is limited until the icon wrapper whereas all the data are executed and loaded from slower which requires maximum response time. The initial installation cost is free and it is now increasing in the market rate. They are available similar to API but have low-quality features. It cannot give a complete experience as a native application but combining with UI and UX it can give a partial native view. Most of the code can be portable and deployed to other platforms.
3. Web Software Applications
The applications are available in an online browser which is accessible only with the availability of internet connection. The performance of these applications is calculated by the speed of the internet connection and browser loading time. It is available at a cheap rate because of its unit codes. There are many advantages to this application. But it is used only by fourteen percent of the people in the world. The monetization can be gained by publishing advertisements and flashcard subscriptions. It is limited to some API such as marking geo-locations. This application is developed by using CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. It is portable and its deployed in any web browsers with faster execution.
Why we use Mobile Application Software?
The mobile application is a software developed to execute on smartphones, mobile devices or tablets. It offers unique services like online banking, online shopping, accessing their emails, playing animated games, planning the day or month and so on. They are also called as web applications. Native mobile development tools enable the developer to design any specific application which is simple and user-friendly with advanced quality and attributes on the required platform. Many reasons are available for their usage.
The few reasons which are followed in the daily activities are listed below:
The mobile application works very faster and performs simultaneous actions. It acts and thinks like its owner and completes the task in a fraction of seconds which leads to profit and gain.
 It can download, upload, retrieve, extract data from millions of websites in a blink of an eye. The main limitation can be the browser and internet speed and transfer of data packets
The mobile application offers the user with his personalized view and customized settings according to his comfort accessibility.
It can also be trained to speak with the user and can reply to his speech and offer the user a delightful experience. He can personalize his mobile with his address, personal notes, reminders, finance, and important dates.
Instant offline and online access is made possible with mobile applications. By clicking on the application, online banking, shopping, games are available on fingertips. The games in high graphical features are played in offline mode also and news can be accessed in offline mode.
The advanced device features make mobile software more popular. The devices can be Camera, GPS, Barcode scanner, PFD and NFC, etc which are used for payment, locations, compass, connecting with other devices and used for many purposes. The user can explore and connect to various parts of the world at his fingertips.
The mobile software has a special feature of push notifications. The capability to send a popup message as an instant notification makes the user remind the task and from a business perspective, it can also be an advertisement notification or subscription message.
It can also be used to design the own brand with a customized setting like pinch, drag and drop, rotate, etc with attractive colors.
The mobile software application plays a great role in the productivity of an enterprise. It helps the user to launch his brand through advertisement and digital marketing which saves time and cost.


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